Executive Director’s Note


It’s an honor to have you join us on this exciting journey as we empower graduates with their transitions to the marketplace.

Afrika Transition Hub is a 360 transition solution center where we equip potential graduates as they transition to the marketplace through training, mentorship and linkage in Africa.

The last one year we have equipped over 3,000 potential graduates from 25+ institutions of higher learning in six counties in Kenya.

The need for ‘work readiness skills’ among our graduates is dire and it’s our mission to impact 1,000,000n graduates in Africa by 2030 to secure, retain and thrive in productive and decent work post-graduation.

Our various ‘Vuka’ programs are tailored and enriched by the input of students, industry, and University/College/TVET leaders across the different spectrums.

We have five tailor made products for students in campus namely;

Vuka Employability Program(VEP) targeting 3rd & 4th year students,
Vuka Graduate Transition Program(VGTP) an 8-week master class for 4th-year students,

Vuka Biz Program(VBP) for potential entrepreneurs, Vuka Volunteers/Internship Program(VVIP) to equip students volunteering and internship opportunities Vuka Re-Set Program(VRP) for the first year students who have just joined campus.

I welcome all Universities/Colleges/TVETs to plug in for your students to directly benefit from these programs and smoothly transition to the marketplace.

We look forward to partnering with you towards impacting 1 million graduates in Africa by 2030.


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